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“Around every flower is the sweet fragrance of scented air. This field of fragrance is the flower’s soul. The soul is not just inside the flower. The flower lives inside its soul. As we do.”

Tom Cowan, author of
Yearning for the Wind

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Get your favorite products while they last!

For a limited time enjoy our 50% OFF SALE with FREE SHIPPING and FREE SAMPLES in your shipment. We are getting very limited on several of our products. Our popular Floral Waters are almost all sold out and when they go we will be discontinuing them; the same is true for our Natural Soaps.

Sadly our Egyptian Blue Lotus Natural Perfume is SOLD OUT and the essential oil is no longer available to us in its former quality. If this top-selling gorgeous fragrance was a favorite, it is still available in our Clarity & Vision Anointing Oil while our remaining supply lasts.

On the bright side, we are excited about the test market results of our specially blended topical-use oils and hope to be able to announce them as a new product line very soon.


About Our Products

Find Us On FacebookOur goal at Sacred Escentuals is to create fragrant products made from high quality natural ingredients with no synthetic additives, dyes, or alcohols, so that they can be worn and enjoyed by even the most scent-sensitive person. We combine only the finest therapeutic and perfume grade essential oils with natural plant-based carrier oils and components, and make all our products in small batches to ensure their quality and the longest shelf-life possible.

As always, we know that we couldn’t have come this far without the many of you who have supported us with your purchases, enthusiasm, referral, well-wishes and testimonials. We are grateful and we thank you.

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An Invitation from Gail, creator of Sacred Escentuals

It is with great fondness I remember my first trip to Egypt and while there, my first whiff of Egyptian Blue Lotus oil. Delightfully unusual and thrilling. I purchased a small bottle along with the Sacred Lotus oil, brought them home and shared them sparingly among my friends. They were an instant hit and many wanted to know where they could get more. Very soon after, I created my first two Natural Perfumes and was in business.

The path from souvenir oils to producing sacred scented products has been an interesting one. The current cycle of evolution reveals a passionate interest in soul essence-based essential oils and the products created from their co-mingling . . . with each other and with us–soul essence-based humans. Their impact on my life and on the lives of others is an ever-unfolding transformational journey that thus far, has exceeded my dreaming. I am both excited and honored to be sharing them with you.

There is much to share about all facets of this newly found path and I have done so on the pages of this website and on my blog page The Alchemist’s Diary.

I invite you to enjoy our products and the information presented on this site. As always, there are more products 'waiting in the wings' and they will be added as the are readied. Check back often or send us an email so that we can add you to our mailing list.

Escentually yours,