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All Spruced Up Natural Perfume

Like moonlight on tall trees, this spruce-based fragrance sparkles. Once on your skin it opens up, revealing clean, crisp citrus notes and deep earthy vetiver. This complex blend can stir memories of time spent in the forest among the trees, and help us to remember that everything in Nature carries a bit of magic. Enchanting men and women alike, this one is sure to become a favorite.

The energetics of hemlock spruce essential oil connects us to the tall trees, those that live hundreds of years. The wisdom of such trees is enormous, their presence healing and stabilizing.

Read more about the featured essential oil under Floral Notes below.

1/3 fl. oz. (9ml) in a frosted glass roll-on bottle, perfect for your pocket, purse or travel. Comes in a beautiful fabric bag, ready for gifting!

Contents include: Naturally-colored essential oils of hemlock spruce, mandarin peel*, lime peel*, vetiver and more, in a fragrance-free Fractionated Coconut Oil Carrier




Floral Notes:
Hemlock Spruce

About our Natural Perfumes:
Magic In The Making
Wearing Our Fragrances

*CAUTION: Avoid exposure to direct sunlight after skin application due to possible photosensitivity in some people to citrus oils.