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Egyptian Blue Lotus Natural Perfume

A light-bodied scent, bright and slightly spicy with a sparkly top note. From my visionary perspective its energy basis is a balance of feminine and masculine, making it a suitable fragrance for both women and men.

With roots buried in Nile River mud, the Egyptian Blue Lotus makes its way through the water to emerge and open as the sun rises, then closes at sunset and retreats to dream under starry skies. This blooming habit inspired the Ancient Egyptians to assign the symbology of rebirth and resurrection to this sacred flower.

Reminiscent of my time on the Nile, this fragrance offers the aromatic opportunity to be transported to another place and time, to experience the breeze coming off an ancient river, or the warm smell of the desert. A true treasure everyone should experience.



Sadly this product is no longer. If this top-selling gorgeous fragrance was a favorite, it is still available in our Clarity & Vision Anointing Oil while our remaining supply lasts.

Floral Notes:
The Sacred Water Lily & The Sacred Lotus

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