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Gail M. Johns

Greetings. It is by the suggestion of dear friends that I include my autobiography (of sorts) on this website. I choose not to include a long list of accomplishments or those with whom I have studied; it is simply not the way I introduce myself. Here is what I’d like you to know.

For more than 20 years I have been a practitioner of body- and soul-oriented healing. My extensive studies in several bodywork modalities, energy work, sound healing and shamanism create the foundation of my private practice. Additionally, I have created and teach Woven Wisdom™, a workshop series presenting cross-cultural knowledge woven into everyday tools for personal transformation. My visionary and intuitive skills have become highly developed over the course of these years.

This recent step into the creation of sacred scented products came on the heels of my second visit to Egypt—a country with an ancient history I have been interested in and “called to” since childhood. And while to some, it may seem like a large leap from tourist to perfumer, it was not so much for me. I know it to be another step on the path of this alchemist.

The alchemy of healing and the alchemy of fragrance blending is much the same . . . taking base materials and creating a transformative process by which they become more than they were previously. This work is neither done lightly nor frivolously, but with years of broad study, vision and intuition, grounded in direct experiences.

In early November 2010, I had a spontaneous vision and visitation from an energy field or presence. My shamanic training allows me to discern the validity of this experience; thus, I have begun to explore who and what this presence is. I have a deep sense that it is teaching me to recognize and understand the soul essence of flowers, plants and Nature itself—urging me to help them have a larger role in the necessary transformation of our personal lives in these changing times.

It is my intention to continue sharing these paths of experience and the knowledge gained on my blog page at The Alchemist’s Diary.

Gail M. Johns Portrait