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Hemlock Spruce
Stabilizing and Stimulating

Hemlock Spruce (tsuga canadensis) is among the tallest and oldest trees in the world. It can take up to 300 years to reach maturity and may live for 800 years or more. In noteworthy contrast to its age, the Hemlock Spruce bears the smallest seed cone measuring only 3/4" to 1" across. This magnificent tree is native to Eastern Canada and the Eastern United States; it is the state tree of Pennsylvania.

All trees serve as a bridge between heaven and earth. Their roots have an intimate, enduring relationship with the earth and their leaves, needles, and branches, dance with the elements of air and water, in the form of wind and rain. They are the tallest of the living beings on Earth, and are in closest reach to the heavens.

Indigenous people all over the world hold the tall trees in great reverence; acknowledging them as wisdom keepers and record keepers. They are the great witnesses to all man's doings on Earth, and to the cosmic movements of the sky. They are the Standing Ones, and they are always available to embrace us into the understanding of Nature.

Energetically, Hemlock Spruce is considered to be among the spiritual oils for its properties of grounding, stabilizing and purifying, as well as being stimulating and opening.