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In Appreciation . . .

With gratitude we share the experiences and comments our customers have offered about our products.


“I have tried several samples of Sacred Escentuals anointing oils, natural perfumes, and floral waters. Each scent is unique, subtle, and welcoming. My greatest difficulty is in choosing! Two of my favorites, however, are Sacred Lotus Anointing Oil and Rose Geranium Floral Water. I truly appreciate the versatility and refinement of the scents/products. Thanks, Gail!”
Kristy Logan
Walnut Creek, California

"Good news! Your Skin Salv-ation has been very helpful post-surgically, alleviating the skin dryness that follows such medical procedures. Plus once the scar was fully formed, Skin Salv-ation kept the scar tissue and the surrounding skin very soft and supple, enhancing greater ease of blood circulation and mobility. Healing and living more comfortably have been achieved. Mahalo!"
Hawaii Island, Hawaii

“I recently purchased a great product called Skin Salv-ation. You don't have to know me more than about 10 minutes to know I love to garden. I know this will sound like a commercial ... but I love to rub this product on my hands after a day of digging, weeding, pulling and cutting. It's made with all kinds of groovy ingredients.”
Tom Zuba
Rockford, Illinois

“One of my current favorites is the Skin Salv-ation. The smell is so clean and inviting and my hands feel so smooth and silky once applied. This product is great for those rough and tumble places that need a little extra TLC.”
Black Sheep Yogi
Facebook Page fan
Marble Falls, Texas

“I used both Rose Petals Face & Body Mist and your Graceful Transitions Anointing Oil and found them to be very effective. Gotta love that open heart chakra! I was so glad to have both with me to use during ceremony.”
Cassie Reeves
Antelope, California

“This wonderful scent [Graceful Transitions Anointing Oil] makes me feel soothed and loved and therefore I relax, and feel comfortable within myself.”
Maui, Hawaii

“My favorite - Egyptian Blue Lotus Natural Perfume! I can't wear other perfumes as they give me a headache, but this one is awesome!”
Corinne Lowell-Meigs
Facebook Page fan
Lincoln, California

“If you have dry skin give Skin Salv-ation a try. My feet are very, very happy. Happy Feet are GOOD…”
Liz Campbell
Colorado Springs, Colorado


“I use the Naturally Nourishing Rose Petals Face & Body Mist on my face and back two times a day - after my morning shower and again in the evening before I go to bed. I find it refreshes my body and uplifts my Spirit.”
Lynn Bieber
Pleasanton, California


“I enjoy all the fragrances and oils I have tried so far but I still feel La Joie Natural Perfume is my favorite – it is so light and uplifting!! Easy to wear and it isn't obvious you are wearing a perfume ♥”
Angelina Bentley
Facebook Page fan
Walnut Creek, California


“I have found a new and wonderful use for your Face & Body Mists. My 5-1/2 year old granddaughter Madison was here for a summer visit and one night she was having trouble falling asleep. I told her I had some Fairy Pixie Sleeping Mist that I could spray on her to make her sleepy – it worked like a charm. And she smelled so good in the morning, too. Sleep tight little ones!”
Nonni Marty Lenzi
Lafayette, California


"I have had contact dermatitis on my elbows for years. I have been to the dermatologist and have had a slew of special cortisone creams that would relieve the itching but never the red, dry skin. When I used Skin Salv-ation it cleared up not only the itchiness but also the red, dry skin in three days! Now I don't have to wear long sleeve shirts all the time. Thank you."
E. Todoki
San Ramon, California


“I love, love, love, the Graceful Transitions Anointing Oil ! I apply it with great joy knowing it may ease my way from one breath to the next. Thank you for this lovely oil. The Egyptian Blue Lotus Natural Perfume is delightful, subtle and sweet. I have used several oils over the years and these are some of the best I've experienced.”
Connie Mendoza, Bodyworker, Yoga Teacher
Horseshoe Bay, Texas


Sacred Lotus Natural Perfume has become a part of my morning ritual of meditation and prayer. The scent grounds and centers me, while allowing me to have a feeling of absolute freedom. And my husband loves it!”
Brenda Kress
Elk Grove, California


"Skin Salv-ation works great for rough and tired feet! It also has a wonderful clean citrus fragrance. Just apply it on your cracked heels and wear a pair of white sox before bedtime, and your feet will feel soooo much better in the morning!"
Jeannie Williams Wallen
Antioch, California


"I use my Rose Petals Face & Body Mist on my face every morning right on top of my makeup! I love it!!!"
Ruth Jenkins
Facebook Page fan
Markleysburg, Pennsylvania


“I received your package in the mail yesterday. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I find the intoxicating scent of La Joie Natural Perfume delightful. I must tell you that every time I put it on (I have only had it a day and keep applying it because it smells so wonderful. :-) ) there is a smile on my face.”
Jennifer Rezentes
Cameron Park, California


“I have worn the same well-known commercial perfume for years. Yet, when Gail introduced me to her Egyptian Blue Lotus Natural Perfume I changed to it immediately. I now wear Blue Lotus exclusively and love the fragrance. People even stop me and ask me what I’m wearing.”
Carol Ritberger, PhD
Author of ‘Healing Happens with Your Help’


“When I first received and experienced Graceful Transitions Anointing Oil I was immediately empowered with a calm and serene feeling. Wearing it I feel added strength and added support for my soul. I use this oil frequently and enjoy every minute I have it on. I love the name, thank you for making and selling it.”
Sally Harvey
Pinole, California


“I completely agree with the description of the Sacred Lotus Natural Perfume. I had smelled a lotus oil scent years ago and it made such an impression that I have been looking for something similar ever since without success. When I experienced the fragrance of the Sacred Lotus perfume, I knew I’d found what I’d been looking for - thank you!”
Cindy S.


“I am loving the perfume, it is both grounding and filled with rich possibilities. The scent reminds me of my own core essence.”
Linda K. Schwan
San Ramon, California


“I stopped wearing commercial perfumes years ago, partly because I am around lots of people, many of whom are allergic. When I smelled La Joie Natural Perfume, not only did my eyes open wide with surprise and delight, but my whole body responded to the essence of the scent with joy. The name is very apt. I have had several of my “allergic” friends smell La Joie and I saw that same eye opening experience. This perfume is now part of my daily life. I couldn’t be more delighted!”
Pamela J. Bayer
Concord, California