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Below is the original story of La Joie, and a vision that took place in the wee hours of a morning in October 2010. During the evolutionary process of transforming this vision into a Natural Perfume, a few changes have occurred. Shortening the original name to La Joie was one of them. It fit on the bottle better and opened the fragrance to a wider and perhaps more serious audience. Although I wouldn’t want it known among the fae that I don’t take them seriously.

La Joie de Fée - The Joy of Faerie

Creating this blend turned out to be a deeply heartfelt experience that led me to places in my inner world and outer world I had not expected to visit. It began with a early morning nudge from my cosmic committee, “how about creating a fragrance for the faerie that you know?”.

The faerie that I know? Oh . . . my human friends for whom joy is their natural soul-gifted state of being. Yes, I have a few. The “nudge” also included the imagery of the tiny flowers in nature, the ones where faerie play and giggle and frolic.

My intuition lead me to a combination of essential oil fragrances that I presented to my long-time joy-gifted friend for her opinion. As she smelled it, her eyes got big and sparkly, and with a huge grin she announced that she “luuuuvvved it”!

This blend is dedicated to all faerie tiny and large, who exist in both the seen and unseen realms. And to the rest of us for whom joy may not be our soul-gifted nature, wearing this fragrance can bring us a bit closer to that giggly, silly, playful, mischievious state of “La Joie de Fée”, the Joy of Faerie.

Slightly sweet violets reminiscent perhaps of your beloved grandma’s garden or woodsy glen, orange blossoms for giggling and flights of fancy, red amber for as much ground (stabilizing energy) as possible without wing-clipping, and my own signature “sparkle” to sustain the frolic of a never ending game of peek-a-boo or hide-and-go-seek. EnJoy!