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Lavender, My Love Natural Perfume

Imagine yourself strolling the lavender fields of the western Mediterranean. As if stepping into a dream, your senses heighten, the sun seems brighter, the sky bluer, the air fragranced. Your cares drop away, you feel lighter and suddenly your soul takes flight. Your first experience of this Natural Perfume can be a soulfully invigorating experience. As the stimulating Lavender dries down, the Neroli rises like heaven-sent angelic thermals carrying you further. This fragrance finishes softly much like a feather from your own soul's wing, gently and slowly making its way back to earth.

Lavender, My Love Natural Perfume marries two of the most beloved and healing essential oils, sweetly herbaceous French Lavender and peacefully radiant Neroli. This is natural perfume royalty. French lavender, Italian neroli, Egyptian red amber and slightly musky/nutty ambrette seed from India, lovingly blended into an intoxicating fragrance that has loft, depth, breadth and trans-continental pedigrees.

You can read more about these essential oils featured in this perfume, under Floral Notes below.

1/3 fl. oz. (9ml) in a frosted glass roll-on bottle, perfect for your pocket, purse or travel. Comes in a beautiful fabric bag, ready for gifting!

Contents include: Essential oils of lavender, neroli, red amber and ambrette seed in a fragrance-free Fractionated Coconut Oil Carrier




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