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The Mother of Essential Oils

Lavendula dentata is commonly known as French Lavender and is native to the western half of the Mediterranean. It has a sweet floral note that I prefer over the lavender grown in the famous fields of Grasse, France, lavendula angustifolia. Throughout history and across the world, lavender has been used aromatically as a perfume, an incense, an anointing oil, in sachets, as a fumigant and insect repellant. Lavender was found among the embalming aromatics of Ancient Egypt, and in the medical writings of the Ancient Greeks, Romans, Syrians and Persians. Royal enthusiasts of the many uses of lavender include Queen Victoria, Queen Elisabeth, and King Charles VI of France.

Pure lavender essential oil, is one of the most useful and versatile for therapeutic purposes. Commonly used in skin healing, especially burns, it has antiseptic and analgesic properties that will ease pain and prevent infection. Though the fragrance of lavender essential oil can be strong, even invigorating, therapeutically is can have a calming effect on the body, reduce anxiety and stress, alleviate headaches, relieve congestion in the sinuses and lungs, and promote sleep.

Lavender is energetically very active in the auric field, assisting us to efficiently incorporate heavenly energies into the physical, creating a sense of vitality, clarity, heightened awareness and emotional balance.

Our French Lavender essential oil comes from France, and is featured in our
Lavender, My Love Natural Perfume.