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Magic in the Making

Magic can be defined, practiced and experienced in many ways. The magic I refer to is the manner of reverence and respect that I practice as the creator of these soul essence-based Natural Perfumes and Anointing Oils.

As a prelude and foundation to this new path as a Natural Perfumer, I have many years of study in shamanism and soul-honoring ways. These “ways” have become a part of my everyday life, they provide me with a spiritual practice and perspective on life that gives me great joy and deep peace.

The Magic in the Making includes creating a ceremonial or sacred space in which to work with the essential oils. It begins with acknowledging them as carrying the soul essence of the flowers, plants, woods and natural resins they have been distilled from. Additionally it includes the intuitive process by which I select and blend them, and the intention with which I imbue each blend. The intention is always for the highest good of you, the wearer.

Egyptian Blue Lotus and Sacred Lotus were my first offerings as Natural Perfumes, and I chose to blend the first batch on the New Moon of October 2010. Recognizing these blends of essential oils and plant-based carrier oils as Nature elements, I chose to have them “cure” in the belly of the Earth—Gaia, our Mother. They were poured into mason jars, sealed and capped, wrapped in cloth and buried in my garden to remain until the Full Moon when they would be “birthed”.

I made my prayer, calling in the Spirit of the Plants particularly the flowers the essences came from, the garden devas, the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, the Earth and the Elements to imbue their goodness. Then I covered the jars over with Earth, created a grid or matrix to focus the energies over the site, placed a large rose quartz crystal in the center of the matrix, and waited the two weeks.

On the night of the Full Moon, I invited a like-minded friend to assist me in birthing the perfumes. We drummed and sang sacred song and unearthed them. We thanked all that had made their contributions. I then asked for the perfumes to be imbued with the intention to restore to the wearer the birthrights of self-love, self-respect and self-appreciation. As an accomplished healer, this is one of the ways I am able to be of service.

This is an example of how I include Magic in the Making. Each fragrance and anointing oil has its own ceremony of curing that is revealed by the timing of its making or by an upcoming celestial event. Under the influence of December’s Winter Solstice Full Moon Eclipse, La Joie Natural Perfume was cured and my first Anointing Oil, Graceful Transitions was created.

The Natural Perfumes can be charged or re-charged with your own intentions; you need not be an accomplished healer to do so. Following the directions below makes it simple.

Take a moment to quiet yourself and the environment around you,
Roll the bottle between your two hands while,
Closing your eyes and envisioning your own high-vibration intentions,
Apply the perfume, and enjoy the magic!

In Joy and Peace,