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About Natural Perfumes

There is a noticeable difference in the human experience of a commercially produced fragrance and a Natural Perfume . . . how it smells, how it makes us feel and our body’s reaction to it.

How it smells

I am often asked why our Natural Perfumes smell differently than the ones carried in the department stores. It is because we are using essential oils, and essential oils carry the signature of the life force of their source material. It is widely known that at least 90% of the contents of all commercially made perfumes contain synthetic fragrances. Meaning, a chemically-created fragrance that mimics a flower’s scent, or an inorganic fragrance–one that does not naturally occur in Nature. Why? All good reasons:

  • It costs significantly less to produce a perfume with synthetic fragrances.
  • Commercial perfumers can achieve perfect consistency of fragrance rather than be subject to the variables found in Nature. Soil conditions and varying amounts of sun and rain, contribute to the fragrance of a flower or plant.
  • Perfume chemists have created a synthetic fragrance palette in the thousands, while a natural perfumer’s palette is in the hundreds.
  • Chemical fragrance extenders and stabilizers can make the wearing time of their fragrances last all day and leave a significant and memorable “scent trail”.

How it makes us feel

Any olfactory experience has the potential to cause us feel a whole host of things as well as trigger memories of people and places from our life experiences. Yet a feeling of being connected to Nature and enchanted by a flower’s or plant’s true scent is better achieved through the olfactory experience of breathing in its soul essence. And it is this enchantment that invites us to experience more.

How our bodies react

Again, any olfactory experience can cause the body to react, for better or worse. Many people refuse to walk into a perfume section of a store or a candle shop. Many offices and group gatherings ask their employees and attendees not to wear any fragrances of any kind out of respect for another’s sensitivity. Allergic reactions are the concern. Many allergic reactions are caused by the use of additives and alcohols.

Our Natural Perfumes contain none of these. Although there are those who have a true allergy to some of what Nature offers, many people who are sensitive to commercial perfumes can and do wear our products with great joy. All this leads me to share with great confidence . . .

Your friends and lovers will exclaim, “What is that fragrance you’re wearing, and where did you get it?”