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Rose Oil / Rose Otto
Only the Best

Rose Oil is one of the top three most sought after and most expensive essential oils in the world. The other two being Jasmine and Neroli, so my sources say. There are hundreds of rose oils on the market as well as rose oil by-products and synthetics. How is the average fragrance consumer to know? Lots of research is one answer, which I have done. My first priority was to find a natural rose oil distilled from actual rose petals with enough care that the soul-essence of the rose remained intact to a high degree. Challenging, but not impossible. I sampled several from various places around the world.

Historically the finest rose oil in the world is Rose Otto. Otto is Bulgarian for “oil” and also refers to the distillation process, that being hydro- or steam-distilled. The climate in Bulgaria is optimal for producing high concentrations of oil in rose petals. The type of rose harvested for Bulgarian Rose Otto is the Rosa Damescena. This rose is also grown in many places around the world. Among the better alternative climates for producing Rose Otto, is that of Northern India, where the price per ounce is a bit lower.

Hydro-distilled Rose Oil is the only rose oil recommended for use on the skin. In fact, it is highly recommended and has been used for thousands of years for its healing properties and nourishing abilities for dry, sensitive, mature and fragile skin.

We are currently using hydro-distilled Rose Oil from Northern India in the following products and are confident that you will appreciate the care taken in our selection of this exceptional soul essence-based essential oil.

Graceful Transitions Anointing Oil
Rose Petals Naturally Nourishing Face & Body Mist
Frankincense and Rose Petals Naturally Nourishing Face & Body Mist


The Rose in Symbology and Aromatherapy

The Rose is considered to be the flower with the highest energy vibration and is universally known as the flower of love. It is a sacred symbol of the Goddess Aphrodite–The Goddess of Love, and the Egyptian Goddess Isis.

The fragrance of our Rose Otto is warm, immensely rich and complex, luxurious and soothing. It can awaken love in us, inspire romance, and serve as an aphrodisiac.

For some, one delightful whiff can uplift the heart, strengthen the aura, balance and energize the chakras, bring clarity to an overstressed mind, restore a sense of well-being, lighten the spirit and bring warmth to the soul.