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Naturally Nourishing Skin Salv-ation

Skin Salv-ation is a super-emollient salve for your hands and feet, and our contemporary version of the famous contents of Mary's Alabaster Jar. She would have called it an unguent, we call it a salve and use a base of shea butter and olive butter. We've added the same ancient skin-healing essentials oils of Spikenard and Myrrh that Mary used and procured them from Nepal and Egypt.

We put Skin Salv-ation through an unbiased test market phase and it was proven to be effective to help heal dry, chapped skin, cracked heels, soothe skin irritations and soften calluses. We suggest that you use it anywhere you'd like to cast out dry skin, including your feet, and if you'd like to anoint someone else's feet with it, we encourage you to do that too.

Naturally Nourishing
Hand and Foot Salve

A unique and effective skin salve, created with all natural plant-based ingredients, and a bit of beeswax to seal in moisture. We added essential oils specifically chosen for their skin-healing and anti-bacterial/anti-fungal properties. A tiny bit goes a very long way, so one tin should last a month of regular use.

1 oz. screw-top tin packaged in a beautiful green organza bag. A small wooden dispensing stick is included.

Product contents include: Shea butter, olive butter, peach kernel oil, jojoba oil, beeswax, cornstarch and essential oils of spikenard, myrrh and lemon.




The Woman and Her Alabaster Jar

The MagdalenScholars and famous writers have speculated on her relationship with Jesus of Nazareth, her position in early Christianity as a disciple/apostle and gospel writer, and of the teachings and lineage she may have carried. I have read some of these accounts and stories and thus, would place her in the least, as a feminine archetype of the Wise Woman-–a woman of particular knowledge.

The lineage of the Wise Woman includes herbalists, midwives and healers. Mary Magdalene was one of these wise women–one who had direct experience with healing the body, and the soul. She may have also been known as Myrrh-bearer. Women of this title nurtured and anointed the dying and the dead. Myrrhbearers are still honored today in Eastern Orthodoxy.

Mary Magdalene anointed the feet of a master teacher of her time with the contents of an alabaster jar, a specific and costly unguent of spikenard and myrrh. Each of these essential oils carries potent energetic and spiritually supportive qualities. As a Wise Women and Myrrhbearer, she would have known this, and of the significant events that lay ahead for Him and for Her.

Skin Salv-ation, is my nod to Her and her wise ways. To gain a deeper understanding of the contents of Mary's Alabaster Jar, please see the additional information under Floral Notes.


Floral Notes: