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Like a Warm Hug

Vanilla planifolia is a member of the orchid family and grows in hot, wet, tropical climates. Climbing over 8o feet high, this vine can take up to 3 years to produce its first small orchid blooms. These blooms open for only a few hours, and if they are not pollinated, they wither and die. In the wild, less than 1% of the blooms will be pollinated, making it necessary to cultivate this plant on farms and hand-pollinate during the bloom. Maturing fruit (or beans as we call them) must stay on the vine for 9 months to completely develop their flavor potential. The fruit is then cured and processed, either left whole or further processed by percolation with alcohol and water to produce vanilla extract.

Vanilla is considered an aphrodisiac, promoting love, peace and romance, and can foster feelings of comfort and calm . . . like a warm hug.

Our Vanilla Absolute is extracted from the flower, not the bean; it comes from India and is featured in our Vanilla Rhapsody Anointing Oil.