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The Sacred Water Lily and the Sacred Lotus

To the botanists and horticulturalists who happen upon this page, I apologize now for any misinformation, and confess I am neither a scientist nor scholar of these plants.

In doing research for the Natural Perfumes we offer, I found much contradictory and confusing information regarding the Egyptian Blue Lotus and the White or Pink Lotus flower. Hopefully, I am not further muddying the waters but providing accurate information. If in the future it is determined that I am misinformed, this page will happily be re-written.

The Egyptian Blue Lotus (Nymphaea caerulea) and the White Sacred Lotus of Egypt (Nymphaea lotus) are both members of the water lily family. These water lilies are indigenous to Egypt, growing in the marshes of the Nile River. Few if any, are found along the Nile today though they are still cultivated in Egypt as well as in India and Indonesia. Egyptians refer to both of these flowers as Lotus.

The Egyptian Blue Water Lily is the dominant flower found in ancient Egyptian art. Countless scenes depicting the offering of these flowers to the gods, goddesses and pharaohs are found on temple and tomb walls, along with the design of many of the column capitals. The remains of both Blue and White Water Lily petals were found in the burial tomb of Ramesses II and found sprinkled on the mummified body of Tutankhamun.

The Sacred Lotus of India (Nelumbo nucifera) has white or delicate pink flowers – never blue. It is native to India and is the National Flower; and frequently depicted in Buddhist and Hindu art, with the Buddha and Hindu deities sitting or standing upon an open bloom. This flower represents the 7th, or crown chakra, called the thousand-petal lotus of spiritual enlightenment.

Our Egyptian Blue Lotus Natural Perfume and Clarity & Vision Anointing Oil contain the essential oil of the Nymphaea caerulia, and our Sacred Lotus Natural Perfume and Sacred Alignment Anointing Oil contain Nelumbo nucifera; both of which are grown in Egypt. They all smell fabulous and provide a connection to a sacred flower with an ancient history from exotic lands . . . true aromatic adventures.