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Wearing Our Fragrances

There is not one perfect fragrance for everyone, but there are fragrances that are perfect for you. They become an extension of who you are, who you are becoming or wish to be, and how you feel . . . a reflection of your personality. Fragrance should be worn to seduce yourself first, after that everything else falls into place.

The soul essences of our Natural Perfumes are meant to co-mingle with your body chemistry, causing them and you to become more than you were separately. These fragrances don’t project themselves into a room ahead of you or leave a scent trail behind, they stay very close to the skin, in your personal intimate space. They are there to remind you who you are and help you shift into the vibration that will attract who and what you wish.

The fragrance from each application of our Natural Perfumes will last 2 to 4 hours depending on your body chemistry. Please apply liberally to any of your pulse points; inside wrists, elbows, knees, behind ears, cleavage, or anywhere you want your lover to find it!